What Songs Can I Use on Twitch

By Fletcher · April 08, 2024

Using music in your Twitch streaming is one of the best ways of enhancing your videos. However, since the DMCA takedowns in the second half of 2020, there is confusion about the kind of music that streamers can play on Twitch. Besides, the Twitch streaming rules and guidelines prohibit the use of copyrighted music. 

Therefore, you shouldn't jump into using just any music. Instead, you need to understand the kind of music allowed on Twitch. Here, we will look at what songs you can use on Twitch to keep your account safe.

How Music Can Enhance Your Twitch Stream

Music is one of the tools that help streamers reach their goal. By adding sound effects and music to your stream, you can increase the viewing experience. For instance, if you have a Starting Soon screen, adding music to the screen is one way to prevent people from getting bored. Not only will you keep them engaged, but you can use music to connect with them emotionally.

Can You Play Copyrighted Songs on Your Twitch Livestream?

Yes, you can use copyrighted music for your streams on Twitch, but only with permission. Otherwise, the Twitch terms prohibit playing copyrighted music on the platform. Remember that getting music rights takes more than crediting the musician. 

You may need to find the original musician, composer, music publisher, record label, or anyone with the music rights. Failure to do so can lead to your music being muted, receiving a takedown request, or even being completely banned from the platform.

How Twitch Enforces Copyright Laws

Understanding Twitch's terms of service is important to avoid the consequences of playing copyrighted music. The platforms use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) and other copyright laws to determine how they deal with copyrighted music. That said, here is a summary of Twitch's terms of service and how they enforce copyright laws:

Copyright Infringement

According to Twitch community guidelines, the platform respects the rights of creators and their intellectual property rights. When someone uses another’s intellectual property without permission, the work owner can send a takedown request to Twitch. Twitch will suspend the live stream or your account when such requests are valid.

DMCA Guidelines

As noted earlier, Twitch follows DMCA copyright law. These are laws and guidelines for using music on digital platforms like Twitch. If there are copyright infringement claims, Twitch can't make a ruling on such claims. Instead, they communicate the infringement claims to the steamer and the counterargument to the claimant. They also go ahead and take action on music that has infringed on copyright laws.

Music Guidelines

According to Twitch music copyright laws, when a creator has infringed on copyright for the first time, they get a strike on their music. They are categorized as repeat offenders if they get at least three strikes. This can cause Twitch to limit the creator's access, or their account may be deleted permanently.

Twitch has an automatic audio detection system that can detect if copyrighted music is used. The creator's video can be muted or flagged if they detect it.

What Songs Can Be Played On Twitch Without Getting Flagged?

As we have noted above, copyright issues are serious on Twitch. If you want to avoid them, here is a guide on the kind of songs you should play.

Twitch Soundtracks

Formerly referred to as the Twitch Music Library, this source offers music directly from Twitch that you can stream without worrying about copyright infringement. This service was introduced after Twitch started its crackdown on pirated music. The Twitch soundtrack provides you with access to many music genres and soundtracks.

How to incorporate Soundtrack by Twitch

Since the right music by Soundtrack is cleared for use by Twitch, incorporating it into your streams isn't hard. This is particularly true when using industry-leading software such as StreamLabs OBS or OBS Studio. While these softwares are free, they can help take your live streams to the next level through pop-ups, music, Twitch monetization options, and more.

No configuration is needed for SteamLab OBS; the soundtrack plugins come installed. Here are the steps you need to follow when adding the soundtrack plugin to your Twitch plugins by configuring it with OBS studio.

  • Start by downloading the soundtrack plugin and installing it.
  • On OBS Studio, click on Sources and then + sign.
  • The pop-up menu will show you a source called VOD Audio for SoundTrack by Twitch.
  • Go to Audio Mixer to configure the program with OBS Studio. You will see a gear icon that you should click on.
  • Then, you will see a drop-down menu. On it, go to Advanced Audio Properties.
  • A list of available sources will be listed on the pop up menu. Uncheck the tracks other than Track 6 boxes. All the boxes from the first to the sixth should be checked.
  • Save before closing the window.

Get Rights to the Music

If you find a song you like and want to use on your stream, you can contact the musician and ask them for the rights to use it. Unfortunately, this process can be slow, cumbersome, and expensive. 

You can imagine contacting Kanye West and asking for the right to use his music. Chances are that he won't even respond to your request or see it. However, it may be a bit easier for upcoming musicians you can easily reach.

Public Domain Music

Another way you can avoid copyright infringement with Twitch Music is by using music in the public domain. The good thing with this option is that copyright laws don't protect the music in this category. However, the downside of this method of finding music is its minimal music catalogue. Therefore, it can be hard to find music for your streaming on Twitch.

Plugins and Apps

Certain plugins and apps, such as SoundStripe and Pretzel, make adding music that are royalty-free to streams easy. These tracks are either free-to-use or come with a free tier that you can take advantage of.

Can You Use Spotify Music When Streaming On Twitch?

You can play Spotify music when streaming on Twitch, Apple Music, YouTube, iTunes, and other streaming services. However, you should realize that buying music or paying for a subscription doesn't give you the right to use the music. Therefore, you can get into Twitch problems if you play music from these sources without the copyright.

However, Spotify and YouTube possess a collection that can be used on Twitch. To access such music, you should click on terms such as Twitch music on the Spotify platform or Twitch music on the YouTube platform. However, you must countercheck to ensure the music is free, as some may be copyrighted.

Music You Are Not Allowed To Play On Twitch

Whether you have the right to use the music or not, you aren't allowed to use several types of music on Twitch. These are

  • Music broadcasts with a radio style. Twitch prohibits streamers from streaming music in a radio-like style. The reason is that you will likely not have the right to use such music.
  • Lip-synching or karaoke-style music. This is another form of music that is also prohibited on Twitch. You aren't allowed to lip sync or sing to music you don’t have copyrights. However, performing karaoke as part of a game like Singstar is well allowed.
  • DJ-sets. To mix music on set, you must have the full rights to the music you are playing or outrightly own the piece. Even sampling a music track you don't have the copyright isn't allowed.
  • Cover songs. If your live stream involves performing a cover song, you should ensure you have full rights to the song and all the performance parts.

FAQs On What Songs You Can Use On Twitch

Here are some frequently asked questions on what songs you can play on Twitch.

Will my Twitch account be banned for using music?

Your account will not be outrightly banned for playing music. However, copyright infringement can lead to the ban of your account.

What songs can be played on Twitch?

You are allowed to play your original music, music from the Twitch library, or music from the public domain.

How can I get permission to use a song on Twitch?

There is no shortcut around that. You will need to contact the artist or company that holds the rights to the song.

What songs are copyright-free on Twitch?

There are music labels out there that release copyright-free songs. These include MoCopyrightMusic and Spinning Copyright free music.


Many streamers on Twitch assume that as long as they have purchased a song, they are free to use it. This is not the case, and it can lead to the music getting removed or even a ban on your account. To avoid such problems, use this guide to find songs you can use on Twitch. We also recommend you read our guide on becoming a big streamer on Twitch.