Make Money While Streaming on Twitch

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · May 11, 2022

The boom in "quarantine" gamers meant that gaming became trendy all over the world, so much so that in December 2020, there would have been, according to some data, 50+ million Europeans only on Twitch. The platform, together with TikTok, were among those that grew the most (about one fifth compared to pre-pandemic data) in the number of monthly users. 

What is Twitch, how does it work, and what has caused this popularity spike? According to data, in August 2023, the active streamers per month on Twitch were 140 million unique monthly users.

WOW! We are all impressed with those stats!


Rest is history…

From the beginning, when the site was not owned by Amazon and was still called (the acquisition took place in 2014 for a total amount of 970 million dollars), the most successful content were live gaming sessions and eSports. Today, there are some of the most followed Twitch streamers who offer their communities daily tutorials for training from home or cooking recipes from the most varied traditions, which are suitable for the most diverse diets. There is no shortage of famous people, from Fedez to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who use Twitch to nurture relationships with their fans and constituents.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Twitch is that, while other platforms have had to invent tools and functions over time that allowed users to pay for the content they found most interesting or users whose work they enjoyed most; on Twitch, the same tools and functions are "native". That is, Twitchers have always been able to concretely support their favorite streamers by paying for their work or paying symbolic amounts for content they appreciate. This is how, streamers manage to monetize their presence on Twitch.


Make Money on Twitch with Donations

The easiest and fastest way to make money on Twitch is to collect money via a Twitch donation. In this case, it is essential to use third-party services that allow you to manage digital payments. If the streamer has decided to receive donations on PayPal, just search for him by name, nickname, or email address, or follow the PayPal address he shared during the live stream. Once you have found it, choose the amount you intend to donate.

The platform does not assume any responsibility for this. However, with this type of transaction, if something should go wrong at the time of payment; especially with the tax regimes of different countries, it is possible that the donations received by the streamer are subject to taxation. 

Another way to donate on Twitch is through cryptocurrencies. You will need to know the address of the recipient's wallet, but this is not a transaction guaranteed by the platform.