Twitch Stream Rules to Obey and Avoid in 2022

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · February 08, 2022

The founder of Twitch sold Twitch to Amazon three years ago, and ever since, it has become the biggest video streaming platform. It happened that Jeff Bezos’ team decided to multi-profile the company with different ideas. As of now, Twitch is dominating not only the gaming industry, but other industries. In this post, we will go through the Twitch stream rules you should obey to avoid getting in trouble (ban or shadow-ban).


Lets get straight to the information!



What are You Allowed to Watch on Twitch?

You are allowed to watch anything you want on a Twitch stream. However, you might be honestly reacting to all of the scenery and intending to watch a movie with the chat, and a director or just anyone who owns legal rights to the material may want to take your stream down for all the wrong reasons. Sadly, this happens way too often.


Can You React to Anime on Twitch?

You can watch anime and other types of media on your stream, which may not lead to any type of altercation with the legal process. However, there is a problem with considering if a stream is a reaction stream. Regardless, if everything goes right, your stream will not be taken down. Check the channel of NinjaKuma - He is always reacting to Anime!


Can You Kiss on Twitch?

There are no laws restricting a human kiss scene to occur on a Twitch stream, but allowing a kissing scene to go on for minutes and even hours, may lead to a termination of the channel as a whole.


Can You Drink Alcohol on Twitch?

You can drink as much as you want, whenever you want, and on whatever occasion, as long as it’s legal to do so at your age. If it’s absolutely illegal for someone your age to drink in the country you are currently in, then the stream moderators will probably be notified about the whole scene and your stream will quickly be taken down without any extra talk.


Can You Show Blood on Twitch?

Violent video games that are not banned in countries are ok for Twitch and basically all streaming platforms, but if you want to show real blood and violence without any censorship, then your stream will be taken down quite quickly, considering how fast the moderators are these days.


Can I Play Violent Games on Twitch?

As long as the video game doesn’t go against the guidelines, then everything will be absolutely ok. If the said video game will either be too sexual, violent, or anything else that will go against guidelines, then the stream itself will be terminated and deleted as a whole. 


Can You Get Banned on Twitch for Playing Music?

Yes, you can be easily taken down by Twitch if you are playing copyrighted music on your stream, and no fame or popularity can save you in this case.


Is it OK to Stream Netflix on Twitch?

This is the same situation as the music policy on Twitch. You can’t stream Netflix, and even reactions to some movies, series, anime, or cartoons will lead to your first 24-hour ban. This has been a big topic to discuss in the Twitch community and it’s understandable why it is so, because people want to watch and react to some series that are only available on one platform.


Can I Play Anime Openings on Twitch?

Even though Twitch moderators are pretty harsh about anything regarding copyright laws, if a small glimpse of anime or anime opening is shown and then soon enough closed down, it may not be a big enough issue to make the stream go offline. But streaming the whole anime episode or just the opening will lead to a ban.


Is Sleeping against Twitch ToS?

When streaming, you can sleep as much as you want. You can even make a close up of how you sleep. It doesn’t go against anything that Twitch has said or probably will ever say about sleeping on a stream. This may be a problem if the stream is extensively sexualized if that can be explained in any way. Don't get too comfortable while sleeping on a live stream!


Can You Be Shirtless on Twitch?

Yes, it’s absolutely prohibited to be shirtless on a stream. Being shirtless or with a naked torso will lead to an eventual ban. Also, any sexually suggestive clothing is prohibited and will be punished on the Twitch platform. Thus, any form of nakedness or sexual exposure will be banned and taken down pretty quickly.