Twitch Advertising for the Beginners

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · November 25, 2022

The first step when it comes to advertising on Twitch is understanding how the platform works. Ads on Twitch are very different from other online platforms, and it’s important to learn all of the details before taking any action.

How do Ads Work on Twitch?

Ads on Twitch are known as “Pre-Roll” ads. These are ads that appear before a streamer’s video content starts. The ad may last from five to thirty seconds, and is usually followed by an invitation for viewers to follow the streamer or interact with them in some way.

What are Affiliates or Partners on Twitch?

The Affiliates system and Partnerships are two ways for Twitch streamers to make money from their content. Affiliates are streamers who have met certain criteria and are allowed to display ads on their channel. Partnerships are similar to Affiliates, but they also include other perks such as access to exclusive features, custom emotes, and more.

How Much do Twitch Creators Make From Ads?

Twitch streamers make money from their ads in two ways. The first is via a revenue share, where Twitch takes a percentage of the ad budget and gives the rest to the creator. This can range from 10–50% depending on the partnership level and other factors. The second way is through direct payments, which are negotiated directly between the streamer and advertiser.

Where Can Brands Advertise on Twitch?

Brands can choose to advertise on any streamers’ channel as long as that streamer is an Affiliate or Partner. Brands can also purchase their own ad space through the Twitch Ad Platform, which allows them to select specific streams to target.

How Can Brands Advertise on Twitch?

To advertise on Twitch, brands need to have an ad campaign created and ready to go. This should include visuals such as banners or logos, a script for the ad itself, and any other relevant information for the streamer. Once this is done, brands will need to contact their chosen streamer and negotiate a payment agreement. After that, the ad can be uploaded to the streamer’s channel and it will go live in minutes.

Advertising on Twitch is an excellent way for brands to reach their target audience and build relationships with influential streamers. However, it’s important to understand how ads work on the platform and taking the time to properly prepare a campaign before beginning any action. With some research and preparation, brands can create successful campaigns that can generate great results. Good luck!