How to advertise profitable affiliate offers on Twitch

By StreamOZ ยท April 07, 2021

Twitch is very popular among gamers. If you want to expand your audience for the affiliate offers, then Twitch could be a best way to go. Keep in mind that Twitch became popular among other categories too. From 2020, Twitch is dominating categories like “food shows'', podcasts”, music streaming, video streaming, etc. Pandemic was very difficult for everyone, so people started streaming and watching more.  Main thing that can help you on Twitch - creativity. An out-of-the-box approach is the first thing to think about if advertising on Twitch is your potential traffic source. In this post you’ll learn on how to promote affiliate gaming offers and promote them via Twitch ads or influencers. 



What types of ads are there on Twitch

Now let's figure out what placements and opportunities Twitch gives advertisers. 


Pre-rolls and videos on the platform

Twitch itself offers classic postings of pictures or videos on the site, as well as in pre-rolls, during breaks or at the end of the broadcast. 


Video ad formats on Twitch

Moreover, each format differs in terms of media file requirements and placement. For example, Mobile Video is available on iOS devices, tablets and all other smartphones, but SureStream is an option for those who want to advertise on Xbox and PS, AppleTV, etc. You can see the list in the TwitchAdvertising section. 

Note that advertising on Twitch is not cheap - from $ 3.5 per 1000 views which is quite expensive.  Important: ad blockers do not work on, so users will not be able to miss the ad. Twitch embeds ads into the stream, which prevents Ublock and Adblock from blocking such content.  


Direct advertising on Twitch

Direct placement is about finding suitable streamers and advertisements for the product on their broadcasts. The cost depends on the accommodation option you choose:

  • Link to the product in the broadcast chat;
  • Banner, slideshow or constant animation with product demonstration throughout the entire time of the stream;
  • Links in the description, mentions in the title of the stream and during the broadcast;
  • The native way is to hand the product to the streamer so that he can use it during the broadcast;
  • Various mechanics of giveaways for a like or a specific message in the chat;



Always go for the steamers (influencers) that can naturally put product promotion into their streams:



Other individual conditions.

For search, you can use services or advertising agencies, for example, Adsonstream. Life hack: contact streamers directly under the guise of a representative of a large company. 

Important: it is better for an affiliate to know in advance about the real quality of the offer that he offers for advertising on Twitch. For a streamer, reputation plays an important role, so it's definitely not possible to push low-quality products here. 


Advertising prices for streamers depend on several factors:

  • Advertising format;

  • Number of audience;

  • Audience specifics: age, gender, ability to pay;

  • The frequency of streams or their specific number.


All these questions are discussed individually; more experienced streamers have ready-made price lists with all the services they can provide to advertisers.


Advertising on Twitch and affiliate marketing: which links are relevant in 2021

In the tier-2 segment, affiliates rarely use Twitch as the main traffic source for their offers. And those who use it don't want to talk about the results. I suspect that there is still a profit, just in the conditions of transparency of advertising on the platform and the lack of targeting, it is very difficult to tell the case and not burn the bundle. 

However, if you want to find successful affiliate campaigns on Twitch, just look at the gaming section. It is there that a big number of streamers are fighting among themselves for customers, advertising various for blackhat gaming. 


In all the industries and categories, there are enough streamers now. Here is how the process works on Twitch for affiliate specialists:

  • An affiliate starts streaming or hires a streamer to conduct live broadcasts;

  • All streams related to gaming are held in a special section and are allowed by the platform, so there is no need to worry about bans or searching for a drain;

  • The streamer attracts the audience, shows how plays (and wins) the game, and throws his referral link to the viewers to get some discount for more hacks.


English-speaking streamers (tier-1) collect donations, and at the same time play any game they wish. 

It would seem that everything is quite simple, and there is not much competition in this market. As it turned out, it's all about the pitfalls. Here is the apprich from a very successful affiliate marketers on Twitch: 

They consider "platform" as a traffic source only from the side of streaming. A streamer who is always in dialogue with his audience, regularly goes on air and makes high-quality content, can make good money on an advertised any online or offline game. But this type of user acquisition has its pitfalls, like any other type of traffic. 

There is another big option left - work with already raised channels and streamers. Often, streamers who consider themselves "stars" begin to put forward their conditions, which advertisers obviously cannot afford. For example, pay him a fixed amount for the stream and allow him to withdraw their affiliate earnings too from the account that was replenished by the advertiser. Others may take a fixed payout and not stream at all! 



Twitch is a streaming platform not only for gamers but also for people with other interests. Basically, a male audience lives here, who are ready to pay a little money for some product that organically fits into their life. 

Offers that can potentially go to Twitch are a near-game product, clothes and everything that fits into the everyday life of an ordinary player. The most important thing about advertising on Twitch is creativity, product-community connection, and native delivery.

You can advertise on Twitch either through Twitch Advertising or directly through streamers. They can be found on forums or advertising agencies. Keep in mind that the platform has food shows and podcasts with completely different audiences and interests