How to Stream on Twitch Using PS5

By Fletcher ยท April 13, 2024

After its release, the new PlayStation 5 had over 17 million who bought the console. This was driven mostly by people's anticipation of better cutting-edge technology, better graphics, and updated software. On top of the above, the DualSense wireless controller of the PS5 makes strimming on Twitch a breeze because of its Create Button. If you are ready to start streaming on Twitch using PS5, here are the steps you need to follow.

Create a Twitch Account

As you would guess, streaming on Twitch requires a free Twitch account. To make it easy to change your Twitch setting, you should open an account on an Android or IOS device. The Twitch Manager feature in the Twitch app makes it easy to adjust your account settings. Before your account is activated, you will receive a 6-digit verification code that you should use to verify your account.

Customize Your Twitch Streaming

With so many Twitch channels out there, you need to customize your Twitch account to make it stand out. One of the details you need to change in your Twitch account customization are:

  • Avatar. Personalize your profile picture.
  • Username, display name, bio, etc.
  • Social media account link and profile.
  • Banners.

How you customize your Twitch account will depend on your individual needs. It is good to look at the channels you love and identify the elements you like about them. For instance, are you drawn by the bright colors in use? 

As you borrow from other channels, remember that it is your channel, so you should go with the colors you love. To start customizing your channel, click on the Creator dashboard. When customizing your channel, be sure it represents you and your brand.

Tips to Customize Your Twitch Channel for Better Visibility

Follow these guidelines to catch the eyes of your Twitch viewers:

  • Ensure that your channel name reflects that of your games or stream.
  • Have a top-notch avatar that draws the viewer's attention.
  • Include a banner image. This is the big picture at the top of your profile picture that you can use to showcase your brand or game.
  • You can customize your channel, including your schedule, social media links, and more.
  • The channel name and bio should reflect what your channel is about. Keep them short and easy to remember.

Keep Your Account Safe With Moderation Settings

Another critical consideration to make before you can start Twitch streaming as a beginner is how to keep your account safe. You need to change the moderation settings for two major reasons:

  • Maintaining order during a stream.
  • Protecting yourself and your viewers.

Here are the critical moderation settings to change on Twitch:

  • Automod. This tool will detect messages in your chat that have been flagged for blocking Twitch community guidelines and even go ahead to block them.
  • Word filter. Another great option is to update a list of words and phrases that should be filtered automatically from your chat.
  • Hyperlink blocking. This is a great feature to help you stop people and bots from posting unwanted links to your channel. This is particularly important as bots often disrupt streaming chat with scams, advertisements, and x-rated content.
  • Email/phone verification. With the email verification feature, only verified persons can post comments on your Twitch channel. This can be an excellent feature for weeding out robots and enhancing your channel security.
  • Non-mod chat delay. This works in a similar way to Automod. However, the tool allows moderators to review and remove comments before others see them. This tool can be helpful if you have a jam-packed chat with messages coming in fast before Automod can notice them.

You can adjust these settings by going to your dashboard and clicking on settings followed by moderation.

Link Twitch Channel to PS5

After your settings are done right, integrate your Twitch channel with PS5. Here are the steps to follow when doing it:

  • Click on the home screen of PS5 and click on settings. This is marked by a small cog icon.
  • Click on the User>Accounts option.
  • Hover your mouse over the Link With Other Services. A popup window will appear with several options, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Select Twitch to link with it.
  • Click Link Account. You will be prompted to sign into Twitch. There are two ways of activating your account: online or through a code sent to your mobile device. If you are using an IOS device, you can use the QR code.

With the above steps, your Twitch account is now linked with PS5. The next step is to start streaming.

How to Start Streaming With Your PS5 Account

As noted in our introduction, the Create Button in PS5 makes streaming on Twitch a breeze. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to PS5 and launch the game you would like to stream.
  2. After opening the game, click the Create Button using your DualSense controller.
  3. Choose Broadcast to see the options available.
  4. Now, it's time to set up your Twitch streaming. Enter the Stream's titles. Press the three dots to adjust other settings, such as Stream Quality.
  5. Add a microphone and camera. The DualSense Controller can also work as a microphone. You can connect the PS5 HD cameras if you already have them.
  6. If you are satisfied with your settings, choose Go Live, and you will be set for your  GamePlay.

To Stop streaming, press the Create Button of your controller, pick Broadcast under the Create option, and pick Stop Broadcasting. Alternatively, you can press the PlayStation button to end your broadcasting via the Control Center or the Broadcast Card. Finally, you can also go to the Create Option, followed by Pause Broadcasts.

How to Personalize Your Twitch Stream

One way to enhance your streams' popularity is by having high-quality visuals and audio. This will help you connect with viewers. A PlayStation 5 HD camera will enable you to invite viewers during a stream. If you would like some engaging elements to your stream, you can use tools like Capture Card and Streaming PC outside your gaming console.

Lightstream is a cloud-based streaming studio that you can use to add overlays, scenes, alerts, and other media on your Playstation Stream without a capture card or streaming computer.

How to Stream Your PS5 on Twitch Using Lightstream

Lightstream is a tool that will help you create more unique streams. One of the tool's capabilities is to enable you to stream on PS5. But before you do that, you must adjust your DNS settings to reroute all your streams from Lightstream. After that, it should be easy to begin streaming on Twitch. Here are the steps involved:


Use your Twitch account to log in to Lightstream. After creating an account, Lightstream will automatically create two projects for you: creator and gamer. You should remember that gamer accounts are the only ones that get a PS5 feed. Ensure that you adjust the settings of your projects, such as Auto Live Option, Resolution, and Project Name.

Personalize Your Account

After setting up the project, use the Lightstream gamer project to design your scenes. You can position and preview what is going on in your stream through the canvas area. 

On the other hand, the top bar will show you the kind of project you have already set up, whether you are live or not, and the project destination. On the left panel, you will see all the layers you add to personalize your stream.

Go Live

When preparing to go live, you must route your broadcast to stream. You can do that by changing your network settings. Adjust the network setting on Broadcast. To adjust the DNS setting, go to your controller and click the Create button, followed by the Broadcast menu. 

This should be followed by Go Live on Twitch. You can also customize other stream info, such as title, in the broadcast area. Instead of going to Twitch directly, your PS5 will go to Lightstream. This will ensure that all your personalization is added before you can go live.

Tips on Streaming on PS5

To enhance your streaming on PS5, follow these tips:

  • Have a good internet connection. A reasonable speed should be a minimum of 16 mbs.
  • If using a wireless connection, ensure the router is closest to PS5 for better signal strength. For reasonable streaming, choose a wireless connection.
  • Before you begin a stream, let your audience know you are about to go live. They will appreciate it when you give them time to get ready and comfortable.
  • If a problem arises during a live stream, always pause Livestream and troubleshoot the issue. Your audience will lose interest if they keep watching a buffering stream.
  • Ensure that your PS5 stream setup is pimped up with pictures, background lights, a gamer chair, and much more.
  • Understand how to upload a video in four easy steps.

Final Thoughts

Streaming on Twitch using PS5 is now possible. However, when done wrongly, this can affect the performance of your stream. By following our guide, it should be easy to stream on Twitch using PS5. We also recommend you read our guide on making money on Twitch as a small streamer.