How to start making money on Twitch as a small streamer

By Fletcher ยท November 06, 2023

Making a living on Twitch with just 100 viewers can be challenging, but it is possible. While the number of viewers is relatively low, there are other factors that can contribute to monetization. Revenue can be generated through subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, and ad revenue. Building a loyal and engaged community is crucial for success. Interacting with viewers, creating unique content, and offering incentives like exclusive emotes or merchandise can help increase income. Diversifying income streams by exploring affiliate marketing or creating content on other platforms can also be beneficial. With dedication, consistency, and strategic planning, it is possible to turn 100 viewers into a sustainable income on Twitch.


How to start as a small streamer

Yes, small streamers can make money on Twitch. While the income may vary, many small streamers with around 100 viewers can earn anywhere from $50 to $1,500 per month. The earnings depend on factors such as subscriber count, viewership, and donations. Multiple revenue streams contribute to a streamer's income, including subscriptions, donations, brand deals, merchandise sales, and virtual currency like Twitch bits. Building a dedicated and engaged community, creating unique content, and exploring opportunities for sponsorship or affiliate marketing can help small streamers increase their earnings. It may not be easy, but with persistence and strategic planning, small streamers can monetize their streams on Twitch.


How 100 viewers can help you move the needle on Twitch

Having 100 viewers on Twitch is a significant milestone for many streamers. It means that there are 100 people actively watching and engaging with their content. With this level of viewership, streamers can expect increased chat activity, more interaction, and the potential for higher donations and subscriptions. The larger audience also opens up opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and sponsorships with brands. Additionally, having 100 viewers can boost a streamer's visibility, potentially attracting more viewers and followers. It's an exciting step towards building a dedicated community and establishing oneself as a content creator on the platform. So, reaching 100 viewers on Twitch can be a positive turning point for streamers.