Change the prefix of Twitch emote

By Fletcher ยท May 21, 2024

You can change Twitch emote prefix with the process explained in this blog post. Worth noting that the flexibility to alter this prefix comes with certain restrictions. Initially, your Twitch emote prefix is automatically generated based on your Twitch username. This prefix is critical as it precedes all emotes uniquely associated with your channel. However, if you've undergone a username change or reached Partner status, you may be eligible to customize this prefix. For affiliates, the prefix is typically the first six characters of the channel name (excluding special characters), and adjustments are possible after username modification. Partners enjoy the privilege of choosing their prefix, which can greatly aid in branding.

Changing the Twitch emote prefix

To navigate how to change your Twitch emote prefix, start by accessing the Partner Settings or Affiliate Settings in your dashboard, depending on your status. Here, you can submit a request for the prefix change, which Twitch will need to approve. This customization not only enhances your channel's identity but also improves viewer engagement.

If you're looking to customize your channel and wondering how to change your Twitch emote prefix, the process is relatively straightforward but available only to certain users. Initially set based on your username, the prefix can be changed if you're a Twitch Partner or if you have changed your username as an Affiliate. To start the process, navigate to your dashboard and select the Partner Settings or Affiliate Settings based on your Twitch status. Here, you'll find an option to submit a request to change your emote prefix.

How to submit a request for changing prefix

When submitting your request, keep in mind that Twitch will need to approve any changes to ensure they meet their guidelines and do not overlap with existing prefixes. The approval can take a few days, and once accepted, your new prefix will be used for all current and future emotes. This change helps create a unique and memorable identity for your channel, enhancing brand consistency across your emotes. When considering whether Twitch emote names should be reset, it's important to understand the guidelines and mechanics behind emote management on the platform. Twitch emote names do not automatically reset or change when you modify your emote prefix or username. Once you have uploaded an emote and assigned a name to it, that specific name is locked to the emote until you decide to delete or replace the emote entirely. If you choose to update or change an emote, you must manually remove the existing emote and upload a new one with the desired name.