Detailed guideline on Twitch emote approval in 2024

By Fletcher ยท May 21, 2024

Emotes on Twitch are small, expressive images used by viewers to communicate feelings and reactions during live streams. Originating as inside jokes or memorable moments from the community, these iconic symbols have become an integral part of Twitch culture, enhancing interaction and bonding among users.

How long Twitch emote approval takes

If you're a Twitch streamer looking to add new emotes to your channel, you might be wondering, "How long does Twitch emote approval take?" Typically, the approval process for Twitch emotes can vary depending on several factors such as your account status and the volume of submissions Twitch is handling at the time. For Twitch Affiliates and Partners, the approval time is generally faster, often ranging from a few hours to a couple of days. However, during periods of high submission volumes, such as after major events or promotions, the approval process could extend up to a week or more. Twitch manually reviews each emote to ensure they comply with community guidelines, which can also impact the timeline. To expedite approval, ensure your emotes are clear of copyright issues and adhere strictly to Twitch's content guidelines, minimizing the chances of needing a resubmission.

Decision made by the Twitch team

To determine if your Twitch emotes have been approved, you can easily check the status directly in your Twitch dashboard. Here's how you can tell when Twitch emotes are approved: After you've uploaded your emotes under the "Viewer Rewards" section, navigate to the "Emotes" area, where you will see a list of all submitted emotes along with their current status. Each emote will be labeled with either "Pending," "Approved," or "Rejected." Once an emote is approved, it will immediately become available for use on your channel, and you will also receive an email notification confirming the approval. This allows you to quickly and efficiently manage and update your channel's emotes, ensuring that your community has access to them as soon as they are available. Keeping an eye on this section will keep you informed about the status of your emote submissions in real time.If you're wondering, "How can I tell when Twitch emotes are approved?" The process is quite straightforward. Twitch notifies streamers directly once their emote submissions have been reviewed. You'll receive this notification through email, and you can also check the status by visiting your Twitch dashboard. In your dashboard, navigate to the 'Creator Dashboard' section, then select 'Preferences' followed by 'Affiliate/Partner.' Here, you will find a section dedicated to emotes, where you can view the current status of each submitted emote, including those pending approval, approved, or rejected.

Information on approval status

This system ensures that you are always informed about the status of your emotes, allowing you to manage your channel's interactive elements effectively. Keeping an eye on this section after submitting new emotes will help you quickly integrate approved emotes into your stream, enhancing viewer engagement without unnecessary delays.

If an emote meets all criteria, it is approved and becomes available for use on the streamer's channel. However, if an emote is rejected, Twitch provides feedback on what needs to be changed, giving the streamer an opportunity to revise and resubmit the emote. This meticulous approval process helps maintain a fun and safe environment for both streamers and viewers.