Size requirements of Twitch emotes

By Fletcher · May 18, 2024

When creating Twitch emotes, it's essential to understand their size requirements. Twitch emotes must be submitted in three dimensions: 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112 pixels. These sizes ensure that emotes are displayed clearly and effectively across various devices and viewing modes, maintaining their visual impact and readability.


Size requirements of Twitch emotes

For anyone asking, "How big do Twitch emotes need to be?" There are specific requirements set by Twitch to ensure that emotes look crisp and clear on all platforms. Twitch requires that emotes be uploaded in three separate sizes: 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112 pixels. This size range is crucial because Twitch uses different sizes depending on where the emote is displayed, whether it's in chat, on mobile devices, or via desktop viewers. The smallest size, 28x28 pixels, is primarily used for the chat display on mobile devices, where screen space is limited. The medium size, 56x56 pixels, is used for higher resolution displays, and the largest size, 112x112 pixels, ensures that the emote remains clear and detailed when scaled up for display on high-resolution devices or when used in stream overlays. Adhering to these size guidelines is essential for delivering a high-quality viewer experience.


How big Twitch emotes have to be in 2024

Learning how to resize Twitch emotes is essential for streamers looking to customize their channel's interactive elements. To ensure your emotes meet Twitch's required dimensions of 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112 pixels, you'll need to use an image editing software capable of resizing images accurately. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or even online tools like Pixlr can be used for this purpose. First, create your emote in a large format, ideally larger than the largest required size, to maintain quality. Open your image in the editing software, and use the 'Resize' or 'Scale Image' function to adjust your image to each of the required sizes. It's crucial to maintain the aspect ratio to avoid distorting the emote. Save each resized version separately, ensuring each file meets the pixel dimensions specified by Twitch. This method ensures that your emotes look sharp and engaging at all display sizes.If you're wondering, "Can I make bigger emotes on Twitch?" It's important to understand Twitch's guidelines on emote sizes. Twitch strictly requires that emotes be uploaded in three specific sizes: 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112 pixels. These sizes ensure that emotes are optimized for different viewing experiences, from mobile devices to desktop screens. While you might feel limited by these specifications, they are in place to maintain a consistent and quality experience across the platform. However, you can certainly create your emotes at a larger size initially—such as 512x512 pixels—for ease of design and to ensure high-resolution quality. Once the design is finalized, you'll need to scale the emote down to the required Twitch sizes. Remember, while you can start with a bigger canvas for design purposes, the final submissions must adhere to the standard sizes to be accepted on Twitch.