Twitch emotes in 2024 and how to use it

By Fletcher · May 16, 2024

To grasp every nuance of Twitch — every setback, triumph, and absurd play — you need to decode the emotes, those quick-fire reactions in the right sidebar. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of emotes flood Twitch chat every second, and for a newcomer peeking into a stream, it can feel overwhelming.


Understanding the culture of Twitch emotes

Emotes have their own highs and lows. Icons like Kappa facilitate rapid communication during epic streaming moments as the chat zooms by. Conversely, some users might repurpose a seemingly harmless emote, initially created for a popular streamer, to convey insults or negativity. Being immersed in Twitch culture involves staying attuned to the ever-evolving emotes, which is no small feat.

To understand the Twitch culture, you need to dive deeper and find the oldest emotes! Let’s get started as we are here to open the door to the cultural things of this community;


KAPPA, Twitch emote

The Kappa emote on Twitch, featuring the grayscale face of former employee Josh DeSeno, is one of the platform's most iconic symbols. It embodies sarcasm, irony, and trolling. When users post Kappa in chat, they're typically signaling that their message shouldn't be taken seriously or they're making a playful jab. Its popularity stems from its versatility and the culture of humor within the Twitch community. Over time, variations of Kappa have emerged, but the original remains a staple, representing the playful, sometimes mischievous spirit of Twitch interactions.


TRIHARD, Twitch emote

The TRIHARD emote on Twitch features a wide-eyed, enthusiastic expression of streamer TriHex. It has become one of the most popular emotes on the platform, symbolizing excitement, eagerness, and sometimes anticipation of high-energy moments. When viewers expect something thrilling or intense to happen, they spam TRIHARD in the chat to express their heightened anticipation.

However, TRIHARD's usage has evolved over time and can sometimes be controversial. Unfortunately, it has also been used inappropriately in a racially insensitive context due to TriHex's appearance, which is a misuse of the emote's original intent. Despite this, many in the Twitch community continue to use TRIHARD in positive, supportive, and humorous ways.


TRIHARD representation 

TRIHARD represents an energetic, enthusiastic reaction in Twitch chats. It's employed to convey excitement or eagerness, making it a versatile tool for expressing emotions during streams, although it must be used with sensitivity to avoid offensive implications.


POGCHAMP Twitch emote

The POGCHAMP emote on Twitch features the surprised, excited face of streamer Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez. It stands for "Play of the Game Champion" and is used to express amazement, excitement, or approval, especially during thrilling or unexpected moments in a stream. Viewers spam POGCHAMP in the chat when something impressive or shocking occurs, celebrating the moment. The emote has become synonymous with hype and enthusiasm within the Twitch community. Despite some controversies surrounding its origin, POGCHAMP remains a staple for expressing collective excitement and highlighting standout plays or events during live streams.


CMONBRUH Twitch emote

The CMONBRUH emote on Twitch displays a skeptical or disapproving expression, often used to convey disbelief, confusion, or concern over something questionable said or done during a stream. When viewers encounter moments that are awkward, controversial, or seemingly inappropriate, they spam CMONBRUH to express their reaction. It serves as a way to call out or highlight dubious behavior or comments, essentially saying, "Really?" or "Are you serious?" This emote allows the community to collectively address uncomfortable or surprising situations, adding an element of shared scrutiny and humor to the Twitch chat experience.


SOURPLS, Twitch emote

The SOURPLS emote on Twitch features an animated gif of a man joyfully dancing. It's primarily used to express happiness, excitement, or to celebrate during fun, upbeat moments in a stream. When viewers want to share their enthusiasm or join in on a celebratory vibe, they spam SOURPLS in the chat, creating a sense of shared enjoyment. This emote is often used during music segments, entertaining gameplay, or community celebrations, fostering a lively and positive atmosphere. SOURPLS embodies the spirit of collective joy and fun, making it a favorite for uplifting and spirited interactions in the Twitch community.