Twitch nudity policy is changing for 2024

By Fletcher ยท December 31, 2023

Twitch has recently revised its guidelines regarding nude content and how it's categorized, introducing significant changes. This revision permits certain content that was previously banned, such as drawings of nipples and particular types of erotic dances. The update also provides clearer definitions of what kinds of nudity are acceptable on the platform.


Revamping Twitch's Content Guidelines

This change is partly in response to the controversy surrounding the "topless meta" trend. A notable incident involved the streamer and OnlyFans model Morgpie, who became a topic of debate for her seemingly nude appearances on streams. Morgpie cleverly framed her broadcasts to show her bare shoulders and upper chest, creating an illusion of nudity without explicitly violating Twitch's content rules. Her approach led to significant outcry, particularly from male streamers, who perceived it as a breach of the platform's guidelines. Despite the controversy, Morgpie was only banned two days before Twitch announced its updated policies. Another streamer, Jessica Ly, known as asianbunnyx, has produced similar content but has not faced the same repercussions.


Controversy and Clarification in Twitch's New Policy

The updated policy is comprehensive, addressing various scenarios in detail. However, it also contains some contradictions. For instance, illustrations of breasts are allowed in specific contexts. The rules distinguish between "fictionalized" depictions - like drawings, animations, or sculptures - of exposed breasts, buttocks, or genitals, and real-life representations. While these fictional depictions are generally acceptable, digital avatars that replicate real-life movements, such as VTubers, must adhere to the same dress code as actual streamers. Real nipples on female-presenting individuals must still be covered, yet the display of cleavage remains unrestricted. The policy also states that showing the "underbust" area is prohibited.


Twitch's Policy Update: Balancing Expression and Regulation

This update reflects Twitch's ongoing struggle to balance freedom of expression with the need for regulation. By allowing more leeway in certain types of content while maintaining restrictions in others, Twitch aims to create a more inclusive and varied platform. However, the contradictions within the policy highlight the complexity of moderating a diverse online community.