Twitch has new campaign regarding privacy of the users

By Fletcher ยท December 09, 2023

Aiming for greater clarity and user understanding, Twitch has unveiled its innovative Privacy Center. This initiative emerged following extensive research that revealed a significant gap in users' awareness about the handling of their personal information.

Twitch privacy system has launched last week

Launched last Thursday, the Privacy Center is tailored to offer precise and practical insights regarding privacy rights, as emphasized by Twitch's lead Product Manager of Privacy, Mel de Leon, in remarks to TechCrunch. This endeavor prioritizes meaningful transparency and practicality.

Mel de Leon highlighted the pivotal role of user input in shaping the Privacy Center, as reported to TechCrunch. The development was guided by user conversations, focusing on resolving common queries such as managing privacy settings, the application of user data on Twitch, and a fundamental understanding of what constitutes personal data.

Audience of Twitch

Twitch's audience predominantly consists of young adults, with data showing that in 2022, over 70% of its viewership ranged from 18 to 34 years old. This demographic may not typically prioritize data privacy, even among enthusiastic gamers. In its research, involving surveys and focused group discussions, Twitch discovered that while most content creators and viewers recalled making privacy choices, many were unclear about their selections or how to review them. Additionally, there was a general lack of understanding about the definition of "personal data" both on Twitch and the wider internet, and uncertainty about how their data was being utilized on the platform.