Twitch and Marketing are Best Duo in 2022

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · March 28, 2022

Twitch, a live video streaming service, was birthed in June 2011 and purchased in 2014 by Amazon. The initial focus was on eSports competitions, live streaming, and video game-related content. But now, Twitch's content is much more diversified and with counterstereotype content creators today.

Now, why should every business mix marketing and Twitch? Let's find out together!


How Twitch Works

Streamers can broadcast video contents live on their channels and internet users can communicate and engage with the streamers and the entire community via chats. Thus, it is attainable to immediately react to content that is broadcasted, make enquiries, etc. 

In this way, Twitch creates a committed community of users with a common interest and it is the viewer who makes sure that the platform functions well. You can register on Twitch for free and access it on multiple devices (PC, game consoles, smartphones, etc.), on your browser or from the Twitch application. Recently, Twitch has evolved beyond being a platform for livestreaming as users can connect with others who have the same passion.


The Importance of Integrating Twitch With a Plan for Marketing

Twitch is essential in the plan for your business because of the millennial and young audience in general, an audience that can sometimes be hard to get to. Almost half of the users on Twitch are aged from 18 and 34 years old and gathers up to 31 million visitors per day on average. As a result of COVID-19 and the consequent lockdowns, views on Twitch doubled as viewers used the platform to interact socially and create connections with others. Also, users stay longer on the platform. An average person's watch time on the YouTube platform lasts for 40 minutes, but on Twitch, an Internet user can stay for up to 100 minutes a day.


Is Selling on Twitch Possible? 

Yes, it is possible according to the authenticity of the streamer. Twitch is an ever-evolving platform with a large community, and its selling point is that the content is live and therefore, appears “authentic” to viewers. Likewise, it is difficult to censor the content there and it is also impossible to predict what will happen. Thus, you get to discover at the same time as the streamer and the other viewers and hope for more authentic reactions. This creates a feeling of closeness that you don't necessarily feel with pre-recorded and edited videos.