Tips to put unique emotes on Twitch without extra hassle

By Fletcher ยท May 21, 2024

Twitch emotes are a vibrant language, offering streamers and viewers a dynamic way to express emotions and inside jokes. These custom icons, ranging from global to channel-specific, enhance interactions, making every chat on Twitch uniquely engaging and often hilariously memorable.

Uploading emotes on Twitch

To make emotes on Twitch, creators begin by designing unique, eye-catching images that resonate with their community. If you're looking to make your own emotes on Twitch, start by ensuring your designs adhere to Twitch's guidelines, which specify dimensions of 112x112, 56x56, and 28x28 pixels for optimal scaling across devices. The process involves creating artwork that captures the spirit of your channel while being easily recognizable at a small scale. 

Adobe V GIMP

Popular software for crafting these designs includes Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, both of which offer robust tools for pixel-perfect precision. Once your designs are ready, you'll upload them to your Twitch Partner or Affiliate dashboard under the "Emotes" section. Approval usually takes a few days, after which your emotes will go live, adding a personal touch to your streams and deepening viewer engagement. Remember, effective Twitch emotes build a visual language that uniquely identifies and enhances your streaming brand.

Special requirements for unique emotes

To show emotes on Twitch and enhance the viewer experience, you must first be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. This status unlocks the ability to add custom emotes to your channel. Once you have your emotes designed and approved, integrating them into your stream is straightforward. Start by logging into your Twitch account and navigating to the Creator Dashboard. Under the "Preferences" menu, select "Affiliate/Partner Settings" and find the "Emotes" section. Here, you can upload your emotes, categorizing them into tiers that correspond to different subscription levels. After uploading, Twitch will review them to ensure they meet community standards. Upon approval, these emotes become available to your subscribers who can use them in chat by clicking the emote icon or typing the corresponding code. As viewers use your emotes, they not only show support but also help in creating a lively, interactive atmosphere that distinguishes your channel on Twitch.

Process to enable Twitch emotes

To enable Twitch emotes on your channel, you'll need to follow a straightforward process, especially after you have gained Affiliate or Partner status. First, log into your Twitch account and access the Creator Dashboard. From there, navigate to the "Preferences" section and select "Affiliate/Partner Settings." This area allows you to manage your emotes. You can upload new emotes for approval and manage existing ones. For each emote, you'll set accessibility options, choosing which subscriber tier can use them. Once uploaded, Twitch will review your emotes to ensure they comply with community guidelines. Approval can take a few days, but once approved, they are automatically enabled for use. Subscribers can then start using them immediately in chat. Additionally, don't forget to engage with your community about the new emotes, as this will encourage usage and enhance the interactive experience on your channel.