Process of unlocking Twitch emotes with these hacks

By Fletcher ยท May 21, 2024

Unlocking emotes on Twitch enhances viewer engagement and personalizes your streaming experience. Whether you're a viewer or a streamer, obtaining these expressive icons involves subscriptions, achievements, or participation in special events, making your Twitch interactions more lively and fun. 

Process to unlock emote on Twitch

Here's how to unlock emotes on the platform. Can you lose emote slots on Twitch? Yes, it is possible under certain circumstances. Emote slots are primarily based on the number of subscribers a channel has. If the number of subscribers decreases significantly, Twitch may adjust the number of available emote slots accordingly. For instance, if a streamer drops below a subscriber threshold previously crossed, they may find that some of their additional emote slots become locked again until subscriber numbers recover.

Twitch prime and emotes

It's important to note that emotes do not unlock directly with Twitch Prime. While Twitch Prime (now rebranded as Prime Gaming) provides users with one free channel subscription per month, which can be used to unlock emotes in the channel subscribed to, the subscription itself does not automatically unlock any additional emotes. Streamers need to earn emote slots by achieving subscriber milestones, regardless of whether these subscribers are using Twitch Prime.

Deleting Twitch emotes

Twitch provides streamers the flexibility to manage their channel's emotes, including the ability to delete them. Whether you wish to update an old emote, replace it with a new design, or simply clear space for new emotes, deleting existing ones is a straightforward process. To delete an emote, you need to access your Twitch dashboard, navigate to the "Viewer Rewards'' section, and then click on "Emotes." Here, you'll see a list of all your current emotes. Each emote will have options next to it, including an option to delete. By selecting this option, you can remove the emote from your channel. It's important to note that once an emote is deleted, it no longer appears in chat, and you can immediately start the process of uploading a new emote to replace the deleted one, keeping your channel's emote roster fresh and engaging.

Ban selected emotes on Twitch

As a streamer, you have the ability to control which emotes can be used on your channel. Twitch provides tools that allow you to ban certain emotes if you find them inappropriate or disruptive. This can be done through your channel's chat settings, where you can manage the visibility and usage of both global and custom emotes. Additionally, you can set up moderation bots to automatically filter out emotes that you have banned. This ensures that the chat environment remains positive and aligned with the community standards you wish to uphold on your channel.