Major Twitch overhaul and enhanced social sharing features

By Fletcher · March 25, 2024

Twitch is trying to redesign the application. Current design is not user-friendly in the eyes of the board. The team behind the platform wants to create something like TikTok. The users on the app will be able to scroll easily and find the random streamers to watch. On the other hand, they will be able to switch the application only to see their favorite streamers.

Explanation for a new Twitch streaming design

In the latest press-release, Twitch's Vice President of Community Product, Jeremy Forrester, emphasized the importance of empowering creators with the tools they need to maintain engagement with their communities even when they're not actively live. 'It's unrealistic to expect people to be online at all times. Our goal is to support creators in keeping the conversation going, even in their absence,' Forrester explained.


Twitch had a solid 2023 financial-wise

Twitch's journey through the past year has been tumultuous. Emmett Shear, a pivotal figure in the transition of into what is now Twitch, relinquished his CEO position a year ago. Following his departure, the platform faced significant challenges, including a series of extensive layoffs that saw 500 staff members—35% of its workforce—being let go just last month. Additionally, the decision to withdraw from South Korea, a key player in the esports arena, was made due to the high costs associated with operating an online business in the region. Throughout 2023, Twitch found itself at the center of controversy within its community, sparked by changes to how revenue and branded content were managed. These decisions were later reversed in response to the uproar from its content creators.


Lay-offs going on Twitch

With the shadow of layoffs and ongoing uncertainties looming over, 2024 stands as a critical threshold for Twitch. It's a year where the platform must consolidate its operations and reaffirm to its creators that it remains the premier destination for their content and efforts.