Twitch unveils groundbreaking 60 to 40 revenue sharing models for plus program

By Fletcher · January 29, 2024

Twitch is unveiling an innovative addition to its premium revenue-sharing initiative, formerly known as the "Partner Plus Program." This groundbreaking development introduces a 60/40 revenue split and significantly reduces the eligibility requirements, making it accessible to a broader range of emerging creators.


Plus Program will be launched on Twitch

Scheduled for a May launch, the program will extend to both Affiliates and Partners while adopting the new moniker "Plus Program." In a progressive move, the Amazon-owned platform is removing the $100,000 annual earnings cap on the 70/30 revenue split for qualifying partners, effective immediately. Under the existing framework, Partner Plus streamers receive 70% of the initial $100,000 in net subscription revenue and 50% beyond that threshold. Twitch acknowledged in a blog post that this cap had "restricted earnings and growth opportunities" for content creators and, in some cases, acted as a deterrent.


Streamers want bigger revenue share

Mike Minton, Twitch's Chief Monetization Officer, explained, "We are well aware that streamers have been vocal about their desire for more substantial revenue shares. This is why we introduced the Partner Plus program initially. However, we received feedback that suggested you had to be a substantially large streamer to qualify. With this update, we're addressing that issue in a significant way." This update not only lowers the eligibility criteria for the 70/30 split but also introduces an intermediary tier to offer streamers a clear progression path.

To qualify for the fresh 60/40 revenue split, streamers must maintain 100 Plus Points over three consecutive months. The update also reduces the requirement for eligibility in the 70/30 split from 350 Plus Points to 300 Plus Points. Each paid monthly subscription contributes to the point tally, with varying point values assigned to different subscription levels. However, amidst these positive changes, there is also disappointing news for some streamers. Starting June 3, Prime Gaming subscriptions—provided with an Amazon Prime membership—will be compensated based on a fixed rate determined by the subscriber's country, rather than the previous model of sharing revenue identical to regular monthly subscriptions.


Twitch CEO is listening to streamers advices

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy noted that this change would primarily affect streamers qualifying for the 70/30 split, but the removal of the annual cap would help mitigate the impact on monthly income. The company intends to publish and periodically update the rates in accordance with regional variations.

Numerous streamers voiced their discontent with the Partner Plus Program, contending that its stringent eligibility requirements excluded the vast majority of content creators. This initiative emerged on the heels of Twitch's decision to abandon the cherished 70/30 revenue split arrangement in favor of prioritizing ad-generated income.


Minimum requirements is also changed in the system

During the initial rollout of the program, smaller streamers expressed frustration over the seemingly unattainable goal of securing a minimum of 350 monthly subscribers, particularly since gifted and Prime subscriptions were excluded from the count. In response, Twitch introduced a point system that factored in tiered subscriptions, giving greater weight to higher-tier subscriptions, which come at a higher cost. Tier 1 subscriptions ($4.99) held a value of 1 point, Tier 2 ($9.99) subscriptions were valued at 2 points, and Tier 3 subscriptions ($24.99) carried a weight of 6 points.