Extra level emotes on Twitch and how to get them

By Fletcher ยท May 21, 2024

If you're wondering how to get emotes on Twitch, the process varies depending on whether you're a viewer or a streamer. Viewers can access emotes by subscribing to channels. Each channel offers unique emotes designed by the streamer, which become available to you once you subscribe. 

Global emotes integrated on Twitch

Twitch offers global emotes that anyone can use anywhere on the platform. For streamers wondering where to get emotes on Twitch, the first step is achieving Affiliate or Partner status, which unlocks the ability to offer custom emotes to your subscribers. You can either create these emotes yourself or hire a designer. Once your emotes are ready, upload them to your Twitch dashboard for approval. After Twitch approves them, they will be available to your subscribers. Whether you're looking to share or expand your own collection, Twitch emotes add a fun, personal touch to interactions within the community.

Adding extra emotes to your Twitch

If you're asking, "Can I add extra emotes on Twitch?" The answer is yes, especially if you're a streamer with Affiliate or Partner status. Beyond the standard subscription emotes, Twitch offers several ways to expand your emote library. One method is through Bit Tier emotes, which are unlocked for viewers who cheer with Bits in your channel. The more Bits they use, the more emotes they unlock. Another way to add extra emotes is by participating in Twitch events and promotions, such as "Subtember," where additional emote slots can be earned based on new and returning subscriber counts during the event period. Furthermore, Twitch occasionally introduces temporary emotes during special events like TwitchCon or holiday celebrations, which both streamers and viewers can use. These opportunities allow you to continuously enrich the emote experience on your channel, keeping the community engaged and excited.

Special route to get extra emotes

Gaining access to all Twitch emotes involves a mix of subscribing, participating in events, and leveraging platform features. As a viewer, the primary way to unlock emotes is by subscribing to various Twitch channels. Each channel offers its own set of unique emotes, curated by the streamer, which becomes accessible upon subscribing at different tiers. More subscriptions mean more emotes across different channels.

Designing skills needed for unique emotes

For streamers wondering where to get emotes for Twitch, options include creating them yourself if you have graphic design skills or hiring a professional emote artist. Websites like Fiverr, Etsy, and specialized platforms for digital artists host professionals who can design custom emotes tailored to your channel's theme and personality. Moreover, some community forums and design websites offer free resources and templates to help you start with basic emotes.