What You Can Learn From Top 3 Streamers of Twitch

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · February 19, 2022

We have an article where we have described what you need to become a good streamer. One of the most popular streaming platforms is Twitch. Most of the streams on it are gaming, but there are other areas, for example, music, sports, and chat rooms. Here, we will talk about the most popular Twitch streamers from around the world. 


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1. Ninja

His real name is Richard Tyler Blevins and he is an American. He has been a streamer since 2011 and has risen on the game Fortnite (this coincided with the game's growth in popularity). Richard's charisma, being part of a popular game, and a joint stream with Drake contributed to his success. In 2018, he won three gaming ceremonies for Streamer of the Year, Esports Player of the Year, and Content Creator.


The number of subscribers: 18.83 million.

The number of views: 2.5 billions.

How many hours on average streams per month: more than 140 hours.

What streams are about: Gaming - He has 47 games in his arsenal; most of all, he streamed PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Fortnite, Z1: VALORANT, Battle Royale, League of Legends.

This is Ninja's official page on Twitch. He streams almost everyday and deliverS high quality content!


2. Tfue

His real name is Turner Tenney. An American streamer and sportsman, he gained popularity, thanks to his Fortnite game. He is known not only for fun but also for scandals. For example, he was blocked on Twitch, at least two times—first for a racial insult during a stream (although the ban was later lifted since no insults were found), then presumably for the sale of Epic Games. On several occasions, Turner Tenney and the eSports organization, FaZe Clan, exchanged lawsuits with whom he had a contract.


The number of subscribers: 11.7 million.

The number of views: 292 million.

How many hours on average streams per month: more than 170 hours.

What streams are about: Gaming - He has 37 games in his arsenal. Most of all, he streamed Fortnite, ZI: Minecraft, Battle Royale, PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone, etc.



3. AuronPlay

His real name is Raul Alvarez Genes. He is a Spanish streamer, blogger, and comedian. In March 2020, he donated medical masks to the Catalan Institute of Health as part of the fight against COVID-19. In 2021, he won two ceremonies as a streamer of the year and gamer MVP.


The number of subscribers: 29.2 million.

The number of views: 4.05 billion.

How many hours on average streams per month: more than 119 hours.

What streams are about: Gaming and social content. There are 70 games in the arsenal. Most of all the hours were streamed by Minecraft, Just Chatting, Rust, Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us.