The Simple Concept of Subathon on Twitch

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian ยท February 26, 2022

Subathon is a new type of broadcast on the Twitch platform that is gaining virality. As part of such a challenge, the stream time is extended with each subscription, and it can last forever. Why are users interested in this type of entertainment, and why do bloggers conduct "endless" broadcasts? Let's find out together.



Break Down of the Strategy of Ludwig Agren

Famous Twitch streamer, Ludwig Agren, launched an "endless" broadcast. The live broadcast was launched on March 14, 2021, and ended after 31 days on April 13, 2021. Agren showed the audience his lifestyle: he played video games, cooked, watched movies, and even slept.

This type of content is called "subathon" on Twitch. During this time, the streamer is engaged in certain activities, thereby, urging viewers to subscribe to the channel. Some streamers set different goals for themselves, such as getting a certain number of subscribers. Check  the Twitch channel of Ludwig - His genius strategy helped him to gain an organic reach of up to 3.1 million subs.



Rules that Ludwig Added to Subathon

Agren introduced rules that supported his broadcast, and each new subscription added an additional 10 seconds to the time of the live broadcast. The streamer himself notes that, according to his calculations, the broadcast should have lasted a day or a maximum of two. However, 31 days went past and his broadcast has become one of the most popular on the platform. Every day, Agren's channel attracts thousands of people who force him to continue streaming.

Twitch's head of marketing was in awe of the idea that many users can participate in a broadcast at once and influence the content that the streamer offers them. This kind of entertainment will continue to develop due to the ingenuity and creativity involved. The person who consumes the content is able not only to influence the streamer, but also to directly dictate what needs to be done. 

Agren's stream is a confirmation that bloggers are trying to monetize most of their lives. Such broadcasts help create a stronger bond between the streamer and their subscribers, who often see subathon as a way to communicate collectively.