How to Gain a Following on Twitch in 2023

By StreamOZ · September 25, 2021

Today, we will talk about the tips on how to gain a following on Twitch. This platform was built for the gaming industry from the scratch. Currently, the platform is growing like never before and there are hundreds of new niches emerging on it. For instance, cooking, singing and creating music, talking about psychology, etc. These niches are very popular along with gaming. In this article, you’ll learn how to gain a following on Twitch in 2024.



Organic Ways to Get More Viewers

What are you streaming? After choosing a niche and preparing for the first stream, you should know about the communities too. If you stream a particular game, then join communities related to that game. Twitter, Facebook groups, and forums (like Reddit, etc.) are goldmines for this type of traffic. It’s the easiest way to get organic viewers boost on Twitch. Streaming is not easy, especially when you jump into the big pool of streamers. Twitch is very popular now and there are thousands of streamers, but you should not be afraid of the competition. 


Engage With Other Streamers

Networking is very important on Twitch. Do you want to get a shoutout from popular streamers and get in front of thousands of viewers? Then, networking has to be the #1 option for you. Start networking with popular Twitch streamers. When we mention the term "popular," it does not mean that streamers must have millions of followers. It’s enough for him/her to be popular in a particular niche with thousands of loyal followers. 

First, start networking with streamers on the platform. Engage with their posts on social media and let the real-life networking become slowly bigger. Networking is the best way to get promoted easily.