Y Generation on Twitch Business Have to be Ready

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian ยท March 25, 2022

Streaming platforms are clearly on the rise. Periscope was in the news over its takeover by Twitter, and companies seem to be taking more and more interest in it. However, it is hard to see how little streaming platforms will be able to face competition from Periscope. As of now, we have seen that even Periscope, which was so big (due to the takeover from Twitter), could not handle the competition with Twitch. 


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Twitch's Story

Created by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, the Twitch platform specializes in live-streaming video games, but be careful not to limit it to just that. It is the most popular platform for gamers, and gamers can film themselves while playing. They are seen live by other internet users who can also leave comments in real time. There are said to be 140 million monthly users. To give an idea, Twitch would be the fourth consumer of bandwidth in the USA, just behind Netflix or Apple. Twitch is popular with people under 30, so it's starting to get crowdsourced by brands and other marketers.


Generation Y as the Main Target

Generation Y designates people born between the beginning of the 80s and 2000. Those under 30 are used to new technologies and have a perfect command of the internet and its spaces. This category of persons prefer to actively participate in their mode of consumption than to remain passive. After understanding this, the platform has adapted to perfectly suit this type of consumption. To reach this target popular with advertisers, investing in Twitch can pay off for you in the long run.


No Censorship, No Filter

This may seem logical, however, it is important to underline it: posted content is not filtered. With the videos being live, it is difficult to censor the content, so no one can control the live sessions. This is unlike YouTube where videos can be refused if they do not meet certain conditions. While YouTube is in control, Twitch offers quite the opposite. Indeed, people who stream have the opportunity to say what they want and to be authentic. This also allows for maximum interaction with the broadcaster. Millennials are looking for this kind of unfiltered experience and immediacy, hence, its popularity.


Real-Time Interaction

The strong point of Twitch comes from the possibility of interacting in real time with the author of the video. A permanent dialogue creates closeness between the interlocutors. Everyone is active while a video is streaming. Comments and questions are done in real time, unlike YouTube or Facebook where you wait for the end of the video viewing before posting a comment. During e-sport broadcasts, viewers can experience their passion to the fullest and encourage their favorites. It's like being in a stadium but facing a computer screen.

Thus, the Y generation are being sucked into the business of Twitch and exploring it to the fullest to maximize satisfaction and have their needs met.