Utilize Worlds Biggest Live Streaming Platform Twitch for Brand

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · January 10, 2022

Twitch is now the biggest live streaming platform. YouTube is trying its best to compete with Twitch but Amazon’s ownership of Twitch is a big factor here. Keep in mind that Amazon bought the company for $970 million. Within six years, Twitch became times bigger than anyone expected. It is getting millions of live viewers every day and gaming is the main niche of the company. This biggest live streaming platform is a good place for brands to utilize if they want to step into video marketing.


First, we start with the inside joke from the Twitch community!



Yes, it's exactly like this!


Why Do Brands Choose Twitch for Marketing?

There are two main reasons why brands generally want to get involved with Twitch. First, they know that those who use Twitch are actively engaged in finding new forms of entertainment. Unlike television audiences, these guys don't just sit and watch whatever is served up, but they're looking for something cool and interesting to take part in. If you create something that's engaging enough, it might just take off like wildfire through other social media channels. The second reason is less tangible but equally important: if your campaign turns out well, it will earn you a lot of respect among gamers and the gaming community at large. You may also even earn some valuable influencer marketing opportunities.


Giveaways Are Very Important


As a newbie in this space, you need to attract the attention of the viewers. How can you do that? Giveaways! People love getting free stuff and if you combine it with a favorite Twitch streamer, then you can gain massive respect. You can offer stuff directly to your viewers who have followed you during a period or just at one time. This strategy allows you to not only get more followers but also improve your social proof. An interesting fact about giveaways is that it's pretty easy to do if you have some budget available for this type of activity.