Twitch guide for beginners and questions you have always been asking

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian ยท February 02, 2022

Latest data shows that Twitch has more than 15 million active users every month. IT means that viewers are growing everyday and you should miss this chance. Every beginner wants to learn about the simple questions. 


We will go through the most burning questions! Let's get started!


How much do beginner Twitch streamers make?

This is a really frequently asked question among the users and streamers of twitch. So much money do Twitch beginner streamers make? Starter streamers start from $50 towards about $1,500. It’s heavily dependent on what engagement, sponsors, donations and so on. If streams do poorly in that regard, then streamers will make close to no money. Check the image below - you see that Twitch officialy has 4 options for the payment! 


How much does it cost to be a streamer on Twitch?

There is no definitive answer to this question at all. Money and the requirements needed for certain niches of streaming may vary. Gaming is quite expensive for beginners but for example, chatting is absolutely in a sense. You will only need a working camera and microphone and honestly, if the person streaming is not interesting or engaging at all, no amount of equipment will save the stream from failing.


What to do when you start streaming on Twitch?

The most important thing is to have a strong engagement rating in all ways possible. If the stream itself is really engaging for all the viewers then the stream itself will not have problems popping up the charts, and to be exact. The niche itself has a big place in all of twitch as well. If a niche is pretty unpopular then it will not get a lot of attraction. 


Is it worth it to start streaming on Twitch?

It’s worth streaming if you enjoy the streaming process and interactions that come with streaming for a large number of people, one thing must be noted out at this point. Streaming can’t really be made into a full blown job at the start. You can take it as a job, but money from streams will not be consistent or enough to replace any other job.


How do you get 3 viewers on Twitch by yourself?

First few viewers is the first achievement you should have in your twitch career. You can somewhat easily achieve this just by being consistent, entertaining and great all around. Equipment always had a role in twitch streaming, but if you don’t have the newest microphone, camera and so on, you can still be a good streamer and make fine numbers. 


What is needed to start streaming?

There is not much needed to start streaming as a whole. To start it all off, you need a pc, that has good internet connection and also has streaming software downloaded, for a small group of niches. This can be enough to stream, but for most of the groups you will also have a camera, good lighting and absolutely great microphone, camera might not be good and that’s ok but microphone should be good. You see that Ninja has only renewed his streaming equipment, so you can follow his tips on Twitch channel.


How much is 1000 subs worth on Twitch?

This worth may vary from person to person because the subscription is different for different people, but the average amount of worth to 1000 subs a month is about 2.5 thousand dollars. Which is quite a lot considering how little equipment is needed to start streaming on the platform switch, but nonetheless 1000 subs is a lot of people as well to be exact. Yes, channels with 1000 subs are worth big money if the streamers stay very active and consistent. You can even buy 1000 followers on Twitch channel and start your campaign right away.


How many followers do you need on Twitch to get paid?

The thing with the affiliate system of twitch is that, the statistics should show that you have had at least 7 streams in the last 30 days and also that you have consistent at least 100 viewers on each stream. It’s that easy to get into an affiliate system with twitch, but if not an affiliate system, you can get into sponsors that have no correlation with the affiliate system. Sponsors are a great way to get big money in a short period.


How hard is it to become a streamer?

Even though many don’t want to hear this harsh reality, it should be said by everyone who makes any type of remark about streaming. Streaming is hard. Streaming seems to be a pretty cool idea, but sadly if thinking the wrong way about growth, it will only stay as an idea. In practice it requires a lot of nerve and energy to be consistent and good.


Do Twitch streamers pay taxes?

It’s important for newcomers to understand that twitch has its taxes about many different things. This includes revenue from ads, donations/tips, sponsorships, and any other method of payment.


Do I have to pay to stream?

No, casually streaming costs no money at all and can be done by anyone even with just a device that has an internet connection and access to twitch streaming platform, but the thing is that you still have to pay your taxes regarding the whole thing. You have to pay the taxes of revenue from  ads, donations, sponsorships, and any other method of payment.


Is it free to be a Twitch streamer?

It’s free to be a streamer in a sense, but at the same time it’s not all that free as we think. You still need to have some kind of device that can have an internet connection and also has access to twitch, but in this day and age. Almost everyone has a mobile device that has an internet connection and a place where you can download twitch applications from.


How long should you stream on Twitch?

This has always been a speculation matter for all groups of people on twitch, casual watchers, newcomers, new streamers, veteran streamers and so on. There has been a big question mark as to what is the best amount of time for a stream, and twitch even officially came out about the whole thing. The best time stream live is about 2 hours.