Tips for Starting a Twitch Streaming Channel

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian ยท March 20, 2021

Twitch has remained the biggest streaming platform in the last few years, and is a popular streaming option not only for gamers but also for non-gamers. Many streamers don't like gaming, so other categories have grown. You can see how piano players stream their "live concerts" every weekend, or even football fans stream their favorite teams' hypothetical strategies. There is ample opportunity, and you don't have to miss a chance. 

If you are reading this, then it means that you've come to the right place. We will give you exciting inside tips that can take your Twitch streaming strategies to another level.


Stream Something that People Will Watch

Do you want to gain many followers and still stream games? Well, you should not go for mainstream games. Don't stream games like Minecraft or COD. Many games have a big interest from the gamer community, but not many streamers want to stream them. That's an "El Dorado" for you.

Start with intense research and don't go blindly while streaming, or you'll lose big time and it will be the worst feeling ever. When you stream for a few days and there are not many viewers or followers, it definitely sucks. That's why you have to research before entering any niche. 

Let's take game streaming as an example. You can browse different marketplaces, as there are marketplaces, especially for Playstation, PC, and Xbox games. Browse those marketplaces and find the games that are new to you. Then, make available research on Google, check the websites that are full of gamers, and ask questions about particular games. There is a big chance that you'll find a "winner" game and start streaming right away.


Interact With Your Viewers

It's essential to interact with your viewers. Keep a close count on the number of viewers, and when someone new joins a live stream, take your time to greet him/her. It will positively impact the viewers, and there is a bigger chance to convert them into regular followers. Your end-goal has to be converting regular viewers into permanent followers; let them know that the game has just started!


Be Consistent

Don't forget that the streaming industry relies primarily on people that stream consistently. If you want to stream for a few days a month only, it's ok, but just keep it in mind that you cannot attract more followers by streaming only a few days in a month. It's essential to stay consistent and have fixed days. You can stream on particular days and let your followers know about each streaming day. 

"Staying consistent" means that you need to stream in tough times too. The algorithm of the streaming platform filters streamers by different metrics. Staying consistent and streaming on the scheduling period is a crucial metric, so let this sink in your mind.