How to Integrate Twitch Ad Campaigns With the Streams of Creators

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · April 05, 2021

The gaming industry has a separate, huge audience with its own characteristics—the viewers of the Twitch streaming platform. Many people are active users on YouTube, but advertising there is expensive, and moderation is not required to skip any niche. 

In this article, we have decided to figure out what Twitch is, how an advertiser can use its capabilities to the maximum, and what approaches to the audience really work on this platform? 


What is Twitch? 

Twitch is a popular streaming platform that allows fans to connect with streamers online, and the home page is generated based on user's preferences. If a user is interested, for example, in counter-strike, streams with advertising of CS affiliate programs may get to the main page. Also, Twitch is a perfect play-ground for podcasting, talk shows, sporting events, cooking, and various sponsored events. Thus, in theory, advertising on Twitch will work for different verticals: from computer and gaming products to even the health space.


Audience on Twitch: Who are These People?  

Twitch's main audience is gamers between the ages of 18 and 24, and 65% of users are men. They are mainly interested in games, computers, and IT. 

According to a SimilarWeb report, Twitch has a monthly audience of 140 million unique users, with an average user spending 95 minutes a day on the streaming platform. These people regularly buy monthly premium subscriptions and subs to access unique emoticons and other benefits. The average price of such a subscription is $4–24.

The report also says that 22% of the traffic on the site is from the United States, followed by Germany, Russia, Korea, and France. 

In addition to players, adults are actively involved in online broadcasts. This applies to non-game streams: cooking shows, Q/A programs, psychologist streams, or conversational programs. You should not immediately abandon this audience because in the end, it will be very interesting to see how your campaigns work.

With such an audience, advertising on Twitch is a fairly effective tool for promoting goods and services. Let's take a look at successful examples of foreign brands.


Twitch Ads: Successful Examples

Many big and small brands use Twitch to promote their products. Among them are Pepsi, Old Spice, Durex, Adrenaline Rush, and many others. But there are other more experimental ad campaigns tailored to the streaming platform. Here, are the most interesting and topical ones:


  • Case: TV presenter WildEarth


Purpose of advertising on Twitch: To attract a new audience 


WildEarth is a YouTube channel that shows the life of wild animals. In 2019, the channel decided to launch short and cut ads on Twitch to attract new audiences. 


The hypothesis was confirmed and thanks to the videos on Twitch, the TV presenter gained a lot of new fans, and interest in the project grew. WildEarth videos are actively re-posted and distributed on social networks, and if the channel adds ad integrations, it could make good money from this brilliant marketing strategy! 


Note to the marketer: Creative and fast advertising on Twitch looks attractive to new audiences. In addition, there is always a native variant. An alternative way to promote offers is to search for such streamers for further cooperation.


Check the image below, that's what WildEarth's channel looks like on Twitch.



  • Case: Nissin Noodles (Cup Noodles)


Purpose of advertising on Twitch: Lead generation and to increase brand awareness.


Japanese streamer “Pokimane” has more than four million subscribers, and she plays RPGs and fantasy games. She recently ran a bizarre ad campaign for Nissin Noodles. During a regular stream, the girl brewed and ate instant noodles. The product fit perfectly into the overall concept: you can prepare noodles and play your favorite game in parallel. Such a marketing move turned the usual Chinese unrecognizable company into a recognizable brand within the gaming community. As Nissin continues with its integrations, Twitch is generating good revenue for the company. 


What to learn from this campaign? Streamers can advertise your offer natively, and if the product fits perfectly into the gamer's lifestyle, the likelihood that it will become popular is higher. 


Check the image below, that's the exact image from the livestream when "Pokimane" was eating Nissin's Noodles.