Guide to Latest Marketing Trends in 2021

Luis Sebastian
By Luis Sebastian · April 13, 2021

Certain categories of the digital sphere have survived and strengthened their positions in 2024, even with the poor economic situation and high inflation rates in countries. These are online games, grocery delivery, and other areas that people sitting at home need. A major question is: what's next? We have collected the top digital marketing trends for 2024 after analyzing Google Trends. 



Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is not a new technology. There have been ongoing talks about it for years but the experience of western brands shows that such inclusion helps to increase sales and attract users. Therefore, among the forecasts in digital marketing is that more companies will start using augmented reality.

Here are some examples from the western market over the past few years:

In the Ikea Place app, the customer can “try on” the Swedish brand's furniture virtually. 

Sunglasses maker, Goodr, has used augmented reality to give consumers the opportunity to try on their own—online, of course. This increased the conversion rate by 32%.

The online retailer, EBags, which sells bags and suitcases, has launched an AR browser program to give shoppers the ability to view the product from all angles as if it were alive. This increased conversions by 112% on mobile and 81% on PC. 

In a word, companies have been using these technology for several years, and the trend itself does not leave the list of major ones in the digital space. It will be relevant in 2023 as well. 

Cross-Platform Games and Native Advertising 

Increasingly, game developers are releasing products that can be used on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. Gamers love this; they can use whatever device they have at their fingertips. Plus, with the advent of 5G technology, the mobile gaming experience will only get better. 

Games have become very realistic, and advertising through them is also undergoing changes. The current trend is the native integration of the brand into the gaming environment. This is not just a banner that appears at the top of the game screen, but a billboard along a virtual race track or a brand logo on the race car itself in the game. 

Placing ads in games is a good way for brands to reach a wide variety of audience, since not only teenagers play, but also the older generation. Games became especially popular during the pandemic and are viewed by users now as a way to distract themselves from problems in the outside world. 

Branding Support for Social Equity 

This trend is not directly related to digital marketing, but Google Trend showed a big increase in this option. 2020 was not only the year of a pandemic, but also highlighted public concern about social and racial inequality—remember the Black Lives Matter movement, which has spread far beyond the United States. Since then, public consciousness has increased concerning social equity as it can't be swept under the carpet.

It is important for brands to take a position on this issue, as users increasingly consider the alignment of their positions in life with what the company bears. If they differ, consumers may choose to opt out of buying a product or service. 


The Importance of Data Security on the Internet 

Online tools in 2023 have become mainstream for many people, since in reality, it is not possible to use different services. As more people use the Internet, they are concerned about their safety and the protection of personal data. 

The industry is adjusting to this, with more companies expected to align to user data ethics in 2023. Digital marketing in general can only exist if users trust their data to brands. 


Preparing Your Marketing Strategy in a Cookie-Free World

Analytics and data are very important in the online marketing world, otherwise, it is impossible to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Most of the data today comes from cookies, but in the future, when cookies are canceled, brands will have to look for other channels and ways to get information about the user. They will also have to make sure that these channels do not contradict the regulations on the privacy of user data. 


Video as a Way to Interact With Users 

Internet users are increasingly turning to online video as a channel for information, entertainment, and communication. By 2024, 80% of internet traffic is projected to come from video, but the trend may accelerate. For brands, this means that it is worth using online videos to grab the attention of consumers and interact with them. (Upload more videos with regular people talking about your product/service).



Consumer Interest in Environmental Sustainability 

Environmental sustainability refers to the ability to withstand human impact. Yes, this is the same ecology and care for the environment that has long worried the masses, and 2024 will be no exception. For consumers, it is important that brands demonstrate responsibility and transparency through concrete actions (for example, reducing unsustainable packaging of goods). 


Mobile Apps as the Key to Business Growth

In 2023, the volume of application use increased significantly compared to other years. Popular categories include food deliveries, games, online training, and shopping. As the world recovers from the pandemic, the popularity of mobile apps is unlikely to fade. This makes apps almost a must-have for retailers. 

If a user has downloaded an application, he can already be considered loyal. In addition, there is evidence that app users spend three times more than other mobile users. This trend is unlikely to change in 2024.